Friday, September 21, 2012

augusta, ga wedding photographer - douglas + jenn

This post is a little different because this is my step-brothers wedding. He asked me to bring my camera but since I was not the official photog (and he hates taking pictures) I felt a little out of my element! The last wedding I attended that I wasn’t working was in 2010!
Anywho – when my mom married my awesome step-dad, Doug, in 2009, I got 2 step-brothers. Since I only have a older sister, I wasn’t too sure about these two dudes ;) Well they turned out to be alright and I couldn’t be happier for Douglas and Jenn!
They got married at this awesome bar/theatre in Augusta, GA called the Le Chat Noir and it was awesome. This place had so much character it insane.

The whole event was full of very special things:
-          They met at a class held at the Le Chat Noir
-          Doug designed the “set”
-          Victoria, Jenn’s daughter, was a very active and important part of the ceremony (not to mention the note to her from Douglas – ah! So sweet!)
-          Victoria recited part of the infamous, “Wuv, twue wuv...” from The Princess Bride
-           If I remember correctly, Jenn made her cute little hair piece.
-          One of their buds couldn’t be there so they had him Facetiming on an iPad the whole time!
And… I threw in a photo of Vincent and myself at the end… because I can!
K. Done!

Here are some from their special day! Enjoy!!

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