Wednesday, October 24, 2012

columbia, sc family photographer - long family

The family below is the result of almost 38 years of marriage. Impressive right?!
Deloris bought my Groupon and managed to wrangle in her family for a session before her son-in-law, Thomas, heads to Afghanistan.
I learned a lot about this family in such a short amount of time. I managed to learn and remember all the grandchildren’s names (which I can still recite – Ashton & Dawson, Alli, Belle, & Case). Thomas is in the Army and Will served in the Air Force.  Deloris & Lewis are high school sweethearts. Will and Amy are as well. The kids were absolute naturals and were bursting with ideas, which you will see in this post! Deloris’ grandog, Junior, joined us at the end of the session. He was a little distracted by all the craziness going on at the park but he did stop and give his dad kisses. I could probably keep going but... that would be TMI!
Deloris – thank you for purchasing my Groupon and for allowing me to photograph your awesome family! I really enjoyed working with all of you and I hope you like your photos!
Please keep Thomas in your prayers are he prepares to go overseas. And thank you both, Thomas & Will, for your service!

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Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


  1. Mary-

    The sneak peek is AMAZING! Can you come to Savannah for round two, next summer, when Thomas comes home from his deployment? :0)


  2. Terra!
    Glad you like them :) There are many more on the DVD! If you want me too, I would love too come to Savannah. I bet there are awesome places to do photos! ;)