Wednesday, October 31, 2012

columbia, sc family photographer - melinda, will, & james

Melinda contacted me about doing some family photos with her husband and two boys. Unfortunately, her husband had something last minute come up and wasn’t able to join so we changed focus a little. This session was about this mom and her two boy :)
James and Will are opposites. Will is very serious and thinks through things whereas Will is full of energy and silly. I told Melinda you can tell which one is a left-brain thinker and a right brain thinker. I love photographing these too boys.
I had a great time with these three and hopefully we will be able to do the photos with all four next time.
Melinda- thank you for asking me to photograph you and your awesome boys. I had a great time and I hope you like the photos! Don’t forget, I promised to get some with your husband so we need to make sure we do them ;)
Here are my favs. Enjoy!

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