Tuesday, November 6, 2012

columbia, sc family photographer - murphy

Meet the Murphys! 
(FYI: Betsy is my brother-in-laws sister and I love photographing her family!)

Owen, a.k.a. O-bug, is the cutest 1 1/2 year old I know (I'd say he is a strong contender for cutest ever but maybe I'm biased). He loves his football, hates changing clothes, is a big time mommas boy, and has the bluest eyes you've ever seen. Oh, did I mention he has his dad's height?! Franks is over 7ft tall and Owen is on a race to beat him!

Betsy is probably one of my favorite "subjects" to photograph - she has flawless skin, gorgeous hair, and a bangin' smile - a photographers dream. (And NO, I'm not trying to suck up... I mean look at her!). Frank is such a great sport and pretty much listens to whatever I ask him to do... and he always smiles in photos! ;)

Betsy, Frank, & Owen - Thank you for asking me to photograph you guys again. It is always a pleasure and I love working with y'all. I hope you love them ;)

Here are my favs. Enjoy! Please be sure to check out the last one - he blew me a kiss ;)


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