Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{navarrete family} columbia family photographer

This adorable family welcomed me into their home with open arms. From the moment I walked in they treated me as a friend. Their pup, Sam, was so sweet and friendly and their son, Caleb, even gave me a picture he colored.
This was little Miss. Emma’s photography debut and she did really well! This beautiful 6-week old was such a pleasure to photograph.
Caleb and Gaby are so beautiful, which made my job super easy! It was a fun session!
Ruben & Liz – thank you so much for buying my Groupon! I hope you love the photos and I hope we can work together again soon!
Here are my favs! Enjoy!

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  1. Wow!! Great photos Mary. You are a very talented photographer. I know it was a bit of a challenge at time with all the kids and dog running around and trying to get good shots of all of them. But you did great!!! Thanks again and we will definitely be in touch for our next photo session.