Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{ned & jaime} - columbia, sc engagement photographer

Meet Ned & Jaime. They are awesome.

We went to a little piece of Lake Murray heaven for their session and it was a blast. Both of them have the most amazing blue eyes and great personalities. Oh, and they are so clearly in love. :)
They are getting married in Hilton Head in April. The hotel for the wedding is under construction and is set to be done before their big day, so keep them in your prayers!
Jaime & Ned – thank you so much for letting me photograph you! You guys were a pleasure to photograph and we got so many amazing shots!

Here are my favs. Enjoy!

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  1. Girrrl! You are amazing! I love these shots! Thanks for being super fun and engaging and everything a talented photographer should be. We loved getting to know you and are so glad you did not fall in the water and lose the shoot ;).

    I would absolutely recommend you to anyone, anytime, anywhere! JV