Monday, April 29, 2013

{mains family} - columbia, sc family photographer

I want y'all to meet the Mains family! And one mighty stylish one year old!

Emily and I have been in touch for a few months and finally were able to work out a time that worked best for us all. We went to the Trailway Park and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Mr. Waylon wasn't too sure about me but his mom and dad did a great job getting his attention and making him smile!

Emily & Nathan - thank you for allowing me to photograph your precious little man on his 1st birthday!! I had a great time with y'all and hope you enjoy the photos!

Here are my favs! Enjoy!

{janice} - columbia, sc bridal photographer

So, I will admit... if I could just do bridals for the rest of my life I would be content. I adore bridals. 

I will also admit, I hate waiting for the wedding post the photos! I have been holding on to these photos of Janice and I am so excited to finally share!
I did Janice & Danny's engagement session back in December and I couldn't wait to see Janice again. She is the kind of person you WANT to be around. She is easy-going, funny, and absolutely stunning. 

Janice -  I can't even put into words how much fun I had with you and Halie. You looked beautiful and I feel honored to have photographed you!!!

Here are my favs! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{thompson family} - columbia, sc family photographer

Super excited for y'all to meet the Thompson family!!

Andrew is the super stylish 9 month old you see in the photos. He has the most insane blue eyes and the cutest "scrunchy face" you have ever seen. 

The weather was perfect but we did have to work around all of the excited prom goers! 

Charlie & Caroline - thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! It really was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you guys and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Here are my favs! Enjoy!

Monday, April 22, 2013

{legnaliz & damani} - columbia, sc prom photographer

If this lady looks familiar  it's because this is my 5th session with her! I did her and her three sisters Quince's as well as her Sweet 16 photos.

I have a special place in my heart for this awesome family, so of course I was excited to photograph Legnaliz for her senior prom.

Legnaliz and Damani have been sweethearts for 2 years now and like Legnaliz, Damani is use to seeing me (he was in all three Quinces!). We went all over Finlay Park and took full advantage of the beautiful weather!

And let me tell you this - Damani should get boyfriend of the year! He was such a great sport and is so photogenic.

Legnaliz - girl, you know I love working with you and it was great to see you! You looked stunning!

Damani- you rocked! You looked super snazzy in your suit! (P.S. - how was the Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish!?)

Here are my favs! Enjoy! :)