Thursday, June 6, 2013

{thompson} - columbia, south carolina headshot photographer

 Michael has worked with my mom the past few years and reached out to me for some head shots. He warned me that although he is very confident in himself, he always feels awkward in front of a camera.

When I first started shooting he was actually saying out loud, "this is awkward." I told him that it really isn't normal for most people to do a photoshoot and it can be a little odd at first. I did my best to crack jokes and act a fool and I finally found a way to get him to show his great smile. Michael is a very smart and kind person and I think these photos portray that well.

Michael- I hope you like them. There are many, many more and I think you will see that you have a great smile and did a great job.

Here are some favs! Enjoy!

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