Thursday, July 11, 2013

{wedding client gift ideas}

At WPPI this year, many speakers talked about the importance of client relations. Several mentioned giving client’s gifts throughout the relationship.

All I remember thinking was, “where do I start!?”

I don’t want to give clients inappropriate gifts or something that isn’t useful. I have decided, that for me, I wanted to customize each client’s gifts.

I have also decided to share some awesome client gift ideas with fellow photographers to get their juices flowing! The gifts range from $10-$100.


I tried to find something that would tie into the engagement and found Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Pinot Noir. Diamond?! How perfect!

Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles (shipped directly to client!)
I recently purchased these for a new couple I have. When we met to sign the contract we grabbed drinks at the bar so I knew they would appreciate these. Just remember that if you are shipping them in the summer you need to get the 2-day delivery so they don’t melt!

Devotional - Duets

I have actually written about this book before. I LOVE this devotional and Vincent does too. It’s great for engaged and married couples! Check out my post about it here!

Custom Photo Frame
This is a great way for them to show off the awesome engagement photos you took of them! Find a great selection at Personalization Mall!


Personalized Jewelry
I love monogram, and what bride doesn't want to show off her new last name immediately? Give her something with the new last name/initial! Here are some of my favorite places: something simplebridemonogram.

Personalized Hanger for Wedding Day
These are super popular now, so make sure you bride doesn't already have one! It's great for her and for the detail shots you are going to get at the wedding ;)

"I Do" and "She's Mine" Stickers
This isn't for every bride but it's still a cute idea!

After Wedding: These can also be Christmas present ideas ;)

Couples Letter Book
If you have a very romantic or creative couple on your hands, consider this Couples Letter book. It is a beautiful and sentimental keepsake.

I think these are great! I think it would be a great reminder to always have fun and don't take life to seriously!

Ok, ya'll. What couple wouldn't want this ;)

Simple, useful, and personal - great all around

Other ideas: Wine, Couples Devotional Book, Couples Cookbook, Personalized Wine Glasses, Photo Frame, Gift Card to their Favorite Restaurant/Coffee Shop

Grooms Gifts: (can't forget the fellas! ;)

These are too funny and make a great custom and useful gift!

Since my husband knows how to play the ukulele and guitar, I think this is pretty cool!

I have personally bought from this vendor and LOVE the tie clips. Ask your bride for suggestions on what to put!

Fits nicely into your wallet!

I will be posting another gift post idea for non-wedding clients!

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