Monday, August 26, 2013

{liz + aaron} columbia, sc engagement photographer

I've known Liz since middle school, so when she asked to meet up about doing her wedding photos, I was super excited!

I knew their engagement would be memoriable... I just didn't expect what we would be doing ---

Aaron is awesome. He got permission for us to shoot in Papa Jazz, 5 Points Custom Tattoo, AND Garibaldi Cafe

Each place is important to the couple - their love for music and tattoos, and the location of their first date. 

It was pretty awesome! I can't wait to do Liz's bridals and their wedding in October!

Liz + Aaron - thank you for being so willing to try and do everything. I think we got some great shots and I'm excited to also get my film back!!!

(shout out to Thomas McNeill for helping me!)

Here are my favs! Enjoy!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

{linnea} - columbia, sc senior photographer

Fellow photographers will understand --- that moment when you first see your client and you think, “oh this is going to be a great session!”

Meet Linnea.

I could have photographed this beauty all day! Her style and personality coupled with her stunning face made for a photographers dream!

We wandered all over the State House grounds and enjoyed the beautiful lighting and the backdrop it provides. There are so many awesome photos of this girl but I had to narrow it down to my favorites, which was very hard!

Linnea – I’m so glad you mom got me to photograph you because you rocked the session! I really hope you love the photos because they are some of my favorites --- of all time!!

Here they are! Enjoy!!!