Monday, August 26, 2013

{liz + aaron} columbia, sc engagement photographer

I've known Liz since middle school, so when she asked to meet up about doing her wedding photos, I was super excited!

I knew their engagement would be memoriable... I just didn't expect what we would be doing ---

Aaron is awesome. He got permission for us to shoot in Papa Jazz, 5 Points Custom Tattoo, AND Garibaldi Cafe

Each place is important to the couple - their love for music and tattoos, and the location of their first date. 

It was pretty awesome! I can't wait to do Liz's bridals and their wedding in October!

Liz + Aaron - thank you for being so willing to try and do everything. I think we got some great shots and I'm excited to also get my film back!!!

(shout out to Thomas McNeill for helping me!)

Here are my favs! Enjoy!!

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