Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{scarborough family} columbia, sc family photographer

I'm really excited to share this families photos! We met up Saturday morning, hoping to avoid the heat. Didn't work out so well! I was a hot sweaty mess, but this family rocked it! 

The three boys - Mason, Charlie, and Ryan - were rockstars! Each one of them worked the camera and I think their personalities shined through.

Melanie is such a cool mom! She lets her boys be boys and appreciates sarcasm. JR reminds me so much of my husband - a quite but kind & constant presence (he is also a Marine - so whoop!). 

They own a restaurant here in South Carolina called The Villa! Vincent and I are planning to check it out but I can tell by the reviews, we will love it!! I mean - hello! Italian food - I'm so there!

Melanie & JR - thank you for being such good sports and for raising such well behaved young men! I really enjoyed working with y'all and I hope you like your photos!! :)

Here are my favs! Enjoy!

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