Thursday, September 5, 2013

{stokes family} columbia, sc family photographer

Sherry contacted me about doing a family session and after having to reschedule because of the rain, work around college and work schedules, we finally got together! Yay!

We started the session with Cara and while we were waiting for their son, Cory, I asked where Sherry and Rob were originally from. Low and behold they are both from the small town outside of Jacksonville, FL that my aunt and uncle live in! You rarely ever meet someone who even knows where Middleburg is, let alone someone from there! To top it off, Sherry and Rob KNOW my aunt and uncle! What a small world!

They gave me a run for my money but I really had a great time with this family! Sherry and Rob have been married 25 years and you can tell they are still so happy! 

Thank you guys so much for hanging in there with the heat and all the moving around! I really hope you enjoy your photos and I am so happy to have met y'all!!

Here are my favs! Enjoy!!

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