Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{eckstrom family} - columbia, sc family photographer

There is always a little nervousness when clients tell you they have three boys under the age of 6, but when I met Florence and Andrew's little boys - I fell in love. I have had multiple families recently with three boys and all of them have been fabulous! As you will see, this family was no exception!

Little Ben was celebrating his 1st birthday and I felt so honored to be able to photograph this cute thing. His big brothers, Drew and Ian, were such little gentleman and so handsome.

OH! I have to tell you about Grandma! When she showed up all three boys were so excited! They clearly adored her and I could see why. She had such a calm, kind, and inviting personality that I wanted her to be my grandma! It melted my heart.

Florence & Andrew - I am SO glad that I got to meet you guys and even more excited that I got to photograph your precious family. I had so much fun and I fell in love with your boys. Hope you enjoy them!

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