Sunday, November 3, 2013

{liz} columbia, sc bridal photographer

I've known Liz since middle (E.L. Wright Warriors - say what what!?) so when she asked me to do her wedding photography I was super excited.

Liz is awesome. She has such a unique personality so we agreed that her bridal couldn't be at a "standard" location. You may remember that for her engagement photos we went into a tattoo parlor, record store, and other places in 5 Points.

I suggested taking some over new New Brooklyn Tavern and she was down! yay! I was so excited and Liz is such a great person to photograph. She is effortless. I loved working with her and I can't wait to share Aaron and Liz's wedding photos!!

Liz- you know I love you and love photographing you. You are stunning.

Here are my favs! Enjoy!!

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