Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{katharine} columbia, sc senior photographer

This is (I think) my 6th session with this family and I LOVE them! Katharine is a photographer's dream - beautiful, takes direction well, stylist... did I say beautiful?

She is graduating this year and heading to Clemson to study Accounting.... so she's super smart too! We had so much fun going around the gardens and I seriously couldn't ask for better clients!

You might recognize her as the ballerina from a session in 2012. ;)

Dawn & Kat - thank you for asking me again! I hope you know how much I adore you and your loyalty to me! I'm so glad you called me (when I was in D.C. eating a cupcake.. to be exact haha ;)

{blackwell/broome} - columbia, sc family photographer

This post is a little bit longer than the other recent ones and that is because this family is very special to my family.

When Christy (the pretty young blonde momma ;) asked me to take photos of her family I was very excited and very nervous... I just didn't want to disappoint!

My mom and dad were best friends with Ann and Tim and I can't really think of a time where this family wasn't in my life. I remember the day I found out about my dad's death, I was sitting in the Master bedroom holding one of his USC hoodies. Ann and Tim came in and sat with me. I don't really remember them saying a whole lot but I remember them being there.

My dad and Tim were besties. I mean, they were planning on retiring and following the USC football and basketball team - for the long haul best friends. I know my dad's death was hard on him.

My mom and Ann are besties - as in they do something just about every Tuesday night. Ann and Christy are actually throwing me a shower this weekend for Miss. Mila! They are awesome!

Like I said, I can't think of a time this family wasn't around.

Anyway! Christy got us into Williams-Brice and the fun afternoon began! My sister went with us and it seemed sorta symbolic - three of the people who loved my dad the most were walking onto his favorite field. It was awesome. We had so much fun and they were such a joy to work with. Oh and check out the blue eyes on those kiddos! Wowza!

Blackwell/Broome clan - thank you for asking me. It was a true pleasure!!

{collis} - lexington, sc family photographer

Kelly works with my niece, Samantha, and asked me to take some Easter photos of her family. We met up at a park in Lexington and it was a perfect day!

Miss. Ansley was such a great sport and I mean, hello, she's stunning. The 2nd photo (b&w one) is probably one of my favorite photos ever! I had a great time with this family and I hope to see them soon!!

Here are my favs!